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It is With Great Sadness

I am going to dedicate my trip to a dear sailing friend Simon Tookey who sadly passed away on the 1/06/2017.


Simon was a larger than life character and will be missed by family and friends.
Simon was one of the main reasons I connected my charity page to prostate cancer. He was a prostate cancer survivor only to be taken away from us by another unforgiving disease; motor neurone disease.
Simon’s daughter Blair has her own just giving site to help raise funds for her very personal cause.
She will be abseiling down spinnaker tower which is pretty daunting, especially if you have a fear of heights.
Read her story and please donate:

In honour of Simon, I have renamed my auto-helm Simon. This is pretty apt because anytime I gave Simon the wheel he would never let go. We would need to prise his hands away. I am certain he would have loved to come on this trip with me and will be there in spirit.

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179138_10151217191587589_1258711010_n By Prostate Cancer UK

67-year-old Lindsay Court sets off today from Poole Harbour in his attempt to single-handedly sail non-stop around the UK and Ireland to raise funds to fight prostate cancer.http://www.justgiving.com/RoundBritainSailingVoyageHe hopes to raise more than £5,000. Lindsay was inspired to take on the challenge after two of his friends were diagnosed with prostate cancer recently.Lindsay said: “I was shocked to learn one day that a customer in our plumbing business – Tradelink – who was always friendly and jolly, came in and informed us he had got prostate cancer. We watched him change from Mr happy-go-lucky to a doomed man over the next few weeks. Fortunately his cancer had been caught early; we can now safely say that he will probably die of old age, rather than the cancer.”However, that change in him had a profound effect on me and I vowed to try to make certain that others would benefit from what Prostate Cancer UK do in research and support to tackle this dreadful disease. In particular, I want to raise awareness in the plumbing and building trade about prostate cancer and the risks. I would like to encourage men to seek advice from professionals about whether to get tested.”Sponsor Lindsay athttp://www.justgiving.com/RoundBritainSailingVoyageIf you’re inspired to set your own challenge, email community@prostatecanceruk.org                                                  20130-custom-ribbon-magnet-sticker-Prostate+Cancer+Awareness (1)

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Listen to my interview with Steve Harris 20/6/14


 Lindsay meets the Mayor of Poole 12/6/14

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branding      Article by Dick Durham Solo sailor’s round Britain fight against prostate cancer


image001  Listen to my interview with Steve Harris 24/4/14

Thank you very much for showing an interest in my challenge to sail around Great Britain and Ireland, single handed and non-stop, starting Sunday 22nd June. I will be doing this to raise  awareness for prostate cancer. I work in the plumbing industry, which is predominately male oriented, so I have my target audience at my fingertips.

I believe that only ten people have ever completed this challenging circumnavigation. This is slightly less than the number of men who have stepped on the moon. 

The challenge should take me two to three weeks and will give you ongoing point of interest, which you will be able to follow on this web site.

The main aim, other than to complete the circuit, is to get the word out about Prostate Cancer and here is where we need your help. We also intend to approach the trade journals and local and national media, including Radio and TV.


You may be wondering why I would want to do this grueling challenge. I have two reasons that are both personal to me. The first is that I have long held the desire to complete this task, having been fascinated by the exploits of old sailors like Alex Rose and Blondie Hasslar. They raced across the Atlantic for a prize of “half a crown”.

The second reason is down to a customer we had at Tradelink; a plumber who would always enjoy exchanging banter while making his purchases. One day he came in and told us the he had got Prostate Cancer. We watched him change from Mr ‘Happy-go-Lucky’ to a doomed man over the next few weeks. Fortunately, as he had caught his cancer early, we can now safely say that he will probably die of old age rather than the cancer. That change in him had a profound effect on me and I vowed to try to make certain that others could benefit, if and when, I did my challenge.

My colleague Phil Griffiths who is helping me with this project is also a sufferer in remission. If you ask around,you will see just how many people Prostate Cancer effects.

We will be offering you the opportunity to donate to the Prostate Cancer Organisation via the donate button through the Just Giving Site.

Why am I doing this challenge? Does it make sense? Of course not, but it’s my own Everest to climb.

A well wish to the Skipper…

Go Lindsay!

When Richard told me his Dad was planning to raise awareness for Prostate Cancer research I was very impressed.  I mean, Movember is one thing but a single handed adventure in a boat around the UK is another!    Personally I support as often as I can.  After losing my Dad Peter to Prostate cancer 10 years ago it means a lot to me and my family.  My Dad made the mistake of leaving the classic symptoms and not seeing the doctor when he should have (typical man).  Leaving it that bit longer made it tougher to treat and even though my Dad fought this nasty disease for 10 long years it finally caught up with him.  What happened to our family, my Mum and brother happens to many other families around the world.  This should not happen!


Awareness for prostate cancer is key to catching the thing early and I whole heartedly support Lindsay for his brave challenge!  Please give and support however you can and together we can help ensure what happened to my family doesn’t happen to yours.

Mat Fearn.




You can text LCYA50 to 70070 with your donation. Text charged at normal rate.