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The Skipper


After having played Rugby in Sussex and finally for Blackheath, Lindsay started out on the water as a Windsurfer. This was when it was really cool to do this. His wife Sue spotted an advert in the local paper offering Windsurfing lessons, so there they were at Bewl Bridge Reservoir in February having their first lesson. Although the advert promised drysuits it was wetsuits only, which turned out to be a great teaching aid as the freezing cold water offered the best incentive going to stay on the board and not get wet. When they moved down to Dorset some 25 years ago they left their eldest son in school in Sussex. One day he phoned to tell Lindsay that he had acquired an old Minisail Dinghy from school and to put the roof rack on the car when he came to collect him. A few days later he was hooked on sailing. Having purchased a couple of totally unsuitable (fast) dinghies, he finally bought himself a little Micro 18 (Shoestring) so that he could take the family out on picnics and such. There was never much enthusiasm as none of them were great fans of the toilet being a bucket. After that he joined Parkstone Yacht Club with a sailing friend, who was a much better sailor and so his learning curve began. This included reading just about every old sailing book there was and is where the drive came from to complete this challenge. Lindsay was inspired by stories of sailors like Alec Rose and Blondie Hassler who raced across the Atlantic for a bet of Half a Crown. If you don’t know what a half a crown is, ask your dad. A house move and renovation stopped all sailing for two years. Rather than rejoin Parkstone, on the recommendation of a friend, Lindsay became a member of East Dorset Sailing Club and has enjoyed its individuality and self help attitude ever since. He joined the Committee to give something back to the club and now, by completing this challenge, hopes to give something back on a bigger scale. Lindsay was given a bit of good advice when he joined the Committee, which was that communication is the key to success. He will continue to get out as much information as possible, so improve and enhance sailing in possibly the most beautiful harbour in the world, where East Dorset Sailing Club benefits from the prime position. Lindsay’s family are pleased that at last he has a boat with proper toilet facilities.

Maggie May A Beneteau 375

Beneteau First 375 from 1986, with teak in cockpit. Yanmar 27hp

diesel engine, sloop rig, 4 berth in 2 double cabins, one head.

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boat layout


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A well wish to the Skipper…

Dear Lindsay,
I’ll look forward to following you around in the warmth and comfort of my own home!
I was diagnosed with prostate cancer last year.   My father died of it so I knew it may be an issue for me.  Luckily it has been caught early enough and is currently non harming although eventually it’ll need dealing with when it develops further.  I appreciate you choosing this charity as the disease needs more publicity and research, especially in the diagnosis area.
After my Father died I reappraised my life and decided to go off sailing.  I crossed the Atlantic with a skipper who was 78 and who had sailed single handed around Britain as a warm up.  His policy was to sail right out to a remote area with loads of sea room, away from shipping lanes and fishing areas, take down the sails, and have a good night’s sleep!  Don’t think he did it non stop though.
Look after yourself on the trip.
The best of luck,
Tiki 26 “Madgic”

A word from the skipper

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